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North Staffs IVC Diary

Activities for the next 30 days taken from Activity Exchange and so constantly up to date.

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    Date Time   Activity  
  Logon Needed Mon 26th Jan 15 20:30   CLUB NIGHT AT THE BOROUGH ARMS HOTEL -BU ...  
  Logon Needed Wed 28th Jan 15 19:45   Power Over The Clay 1975 - 40th Annivers ...  
  Logon Needed Sat 31st Jan 15 19:45   Stoke Film Theatre, St Vincent  
  Logon Needed Mon 2nd Feb 15 13:00   Cinema Afternoon At The Vue  
  Logon Needed Wed 4th Feb 15 19:00   Live Music, Jazz At Trentham Lakes  
  Logon Needed Sun 8th Feb 15 11:00   Walk 4 To 5 Miles  
  Logon Needed Thu 12th Feb 15 11:30   Factory Tour, Emma Bridgewater Victorian ...  
  Logon Needed Sat 14th Feb 15 10:15   Back Stage Tour At The Regent Theatre  
  Logon Needed Sun 15th Feb 15 10:30   Sunday Walk  
  Logon Needed Mon 16th Feb 15 20:30   Club Night At The Dick Turpin, Westlands ...  
  Logon Needed Mon 23rd Feb 15 20:30   CLUB NIGHT AT THE BOROUGH ARMS HOTEL -BU ...  

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