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Your Social Life

North Staffs IVC is a friendly, informal club offering a wide variety of social, cultural & sporting activities.
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  Meals, walks, pub nights, theatre, weekends away and much more.

The club is run by the members for the members which keeps the costs low and the fun high.

Our next Club night
Mon 7th Sep 2015

What our Members say about us

North Staffs IVC is one of 40 IVC Clubs around the UK with nearly 4,000 Members. more…

We also have a Meetup group. “More…” here…

Frequently Asked Questions
about North Staffs IVC:
1.  What are the Members like?
2.  How old are the Members?
3.  Is it just for singles?
4.  Can I join alone?
5.  What if my diary is unpredictable?
6.  How much does it cost?
7.  How long do people join for?
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